Conservative Friends of Israel

Interesting article by Peter Oborne got me asking, how can most Tory cabinet ministers belong to a club called the, ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’?

Surely once you attain high office you have to be seen not to be favouring particular countries anymore? Do the holders of the great offices of state really get to pick which countries they want to be bezzy-mates with? And if they do why not France or Australia? There couldn’t be a more contentious choice for bum-chum status than Israel, a country that after 65 years still doesn’t seem to know where its borders are.

Of course money could have something to do with it. Just a suggestion.

Which is why I have recently joined a political party and started giving it financial support. On the face of it there are a lot of causes out there more deserving of my money than the xxxxx party, but follow my logic:

  1. political parties are essential for a healthy democracy
  2. party political machines cost a lot to run
  3. the state doesn’t fund political parties

If individuals like me don’t cough up with the money then the parties will end up being more and more in hock to well organised and funded lobbying groups like the Friends of Israel, the unions or business.

Membership of political parties is on the decline and I can see why, I felt very ‘square’ signing my membership forms and a bit embarrassed that people might find out what I was, but I think it is important and I’m glad I’ve done it. May I humbly suggest you do the same.

P.S. I’m a Tory, but I think you already knew that.


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